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3 Telltale Signs That Air Conditioning Compressor Repairs Are Needed

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The air compressor in residential AC units is an integral part of the system. It serves a critical role in supplying homes with cool air. At some point, homeowners may need to get air conditioning compressor repairs. The following are signs of a damaged air compressor. 

AC Not Cooling

One of the most alarming things a homeowner with air conditioning compressor repair issues might notice is that their AC is not cooling. Sometimes it may seem to happen as quickly as overnight. However, most AC systems will show subtle signs of decline, which could be mistaken as the system not cooling as intended due to outdoor temperatures. It is important to get maintenance and service HVAC systems to reduce breakdowns. AC systems may not produce cool air if the compressor needs to be repaired because the critical part is responsible for pumping refrigerant into the system for cooling. 

Condensing Unit Vibrations

Condenser units are located outside of homes. They usually produce a low level of noise without any noticeable movement. If the unit vibrates, it is indicative of it having issues turning on. The likely culprit is the air compressor. Continued operation may make it impossible to remedy the issue with an AC compressor repair. Individuals should turn off their AC systems and seek a diagnosis and repair solution. Otherwise, they may have to decide between a new AC compressor or a residential air conditioning unit replacement.

A condenser unit that vibrates will also likely be loud. There are issues such as loose parts that may also cause loud operation. Since the parts are not secured in place, they cannot perform their intended role. This can cause air compressors to work harder and lead to repair issues.

Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips

Individuals who notice that their circuit breakers frequently trip when they turn on their AC systems are likely dealing with an electrical issue or their condensing unit overheating. The tripped breaker is signaling that something is amiss, which may protect the system from further damage. Overheated condenser units may start fires and the tripped breaker response is for safety. Homeowners need to seek air conditioning compressor repairs before severe damage. It is best to stop trying to use the AC system if the breaker keeps tripping. This is for safety reasons and to protect the system.

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to learn more about the signs of air conditioning compressor repairs. They can troubleshoot systems and make an affirmative diagnosis of the issue. Sometimes compressors fail due to an aged system. If the AC system is no longer under warranty, contractors can explain the benefits of opting for a residential AC unit replacement.

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