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Schedule Furnace Diagnostics If Your System Has One Of These Issues

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Furnace maintenance is an essential part of using such a system to heat your house. Knowing why and when to schedule furnace diagnostics is important to stay on top of the system's issues. You should request furnace services if any of the following five problems have caught your notice.

Short Cycling

A short cycle is when the system doesn't blow for as long as you'd expect. It is a sign that something is wrong, but figuring out the specific issue can be tough. Systems run short cycles because of problems with the thermostat, sensors, or electrical system. Also, an emergency cut-off could kick on for a variety of reasons. None of these are good signs, and you should have a technician run furnace diagnostics to determine what's happening.


Furnaces aren't known to be the quietest systems in the world. However, the noise level shouldn't get your attention once you're used to the sound. Squealing, crunching, and thumping sounds are all signs of problems that require furnace repair work. A thump could be a sign that the system is experiencing explosive ignitions. Especially if the system gets noisy within a few years of the furnace installation, assume it needs professional attention.

Rising Energy Bills

The first thing you want to do is see if your rates went up. After that, you'll want to verify that there isn't a reasonable explanation, such as a peculiarly cold month. Once you've discounted those possibilities, you should suspect the furnace isn't running optimally. The solution could be as simple as changing the filter. However, it could be more complex if a component like a sensor isn't working properly. Such problems can cause the furnace to run too long, and that can drive up your heating bills.

Gas Smells or Alerts

A furnace can leave gas smells or trigger carbon monoxide alerts if it isn't running properly. Even a slight hint of a gas smell is a sign that the system isn't fully burning off all of the fuel. This is a possible indication that the furnace may have at least one partially clogged burner. A detectable carbon monoxide leak is also a sign that the system isn't running efficiently or safely.


If the system is old, you should request furnace diagnostics even if nothing appears to be wrong. Many furnaces run fine even in faulty conditions, but they could be leaking gas or operating inefficiently without you noticing.

Contact a furnace repair technician to learn more.