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5 Reasons Your Gas Furnace Is Having Problems With Ignition

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Furnaces play a vital role in creating and distributing heat in your house. However, your furnace may have problems that would hinder its ignition. In such instances, the furnace ignition problems can frustrate you, especially if you do not know how to fix them. Explore five reasons why your gas furnace has ignition problems. 

1. A Problem With Your Thermostat

Ideally, you should set your thermostat on heat mode to enhance ignition. You set a higher thermostat temperature to address low temperatures in this regard. Also, your thermostat connections or sensors may be faulty, hindering ignition. If you experience problems with your gas furnace ignition, you should seek professional help to repair the sensors and connectors.

2. Defective Igniter

If your furnace uses a standing pilot light to ignite, it may not stay lit for a long time or may fail to ignite at all. Specifically, you can troubleshoot the igniter if your gas furnace clicks but does not fire up. Thus you should contact your HVAC technician to make any necessary repairs.

3. Dirty Gas Burners

If your filters are dirty, they can't allow the passage of enough oxygen, which is necessary for ignition. Also, you may note that your furnace is working intermittently. Therefore, you should clean the burners to ensure sufficient gaps between sections to allow efficient airflow.

4. Broken Flame Sensor

Another reason your gas furnace has ignition problems is a broken flame sensor. In this regard, the sensor is responsible for turning off the gas burners to prevent gas from building up. As a result, if the sensor malfunctions, your furnace may also stop igniting. In such instances, you should contact an HVAC technician to replace the sensors to enhance ignition.

5. Your Furnace Is Not Receiving Gas or Receives Improperly Mixed Gas

If your gas line valve has shut off, your furnace may have problems during ignition. Sometimes, you may forget to close the valve if you had opened it earlier. Therefore, you should check your valve, which often gets placed outside. Specifically, you should make sure that it is in a parallel position to your gas line.

Also, your furnace may have ignition problems if there is an improper ratio of natural gases to oxygen which is necessary for ignition. However, you should avoid making this repair by yourself for safety purposes.


Your furnace is prone to have ignition problems if you have used it over a period. Nonetheless, you can resolve some issues depending on their complexity. If you feel the ignition problem is beyond your know-how, you should contact a professional heating service company to repair your furnace and resolve the ignition problems.