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Do You Own A Heat Pump? Check Out The 4 Common Problems You're Likely To Experience

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Heat pumps are a reliable source of heating in any home. If you've installed a heat pump in your home and regularly maintain it, you're less likely to need frequent repairs. Like most furnace systems, problems are bound to arise. Knowing the common issues that can affect your heat pump is important because you can address them on time, preventing the failure of your heating system. Here are a few you should know about.

Your Heater Runs Continually

When your furnace operates continually, there are different reasons this could be happening. This issue can arise if the thermostat is faulty. If that's the case, there could be a wiring problem or you didn't properly calibrate the thermostat. This can also happen if the heat pump compressor is problematic. The compressor is responsible for controlling the power going to the heat pump. When it's damaged, your heat pump will likely run continuously. These are issues that a professional heating repair expert can easily address.

Your Air Handler Doesn't Work

Your heat pump relies on the air handler to effectively distribute air around your home. You can tell that the air handler is faulty when your outdoor unit runs, but your home doesn't receive any heat. Your air handler may fail to activate for different reasons. For instance, there may be frayed wires limiting power to the indoor air handler. You should also confirm whether your unit circuit breaker has tripped.

You Can Hear Weird Noises Coming From Your Unit

A common problem you're likely to encounter with heat pumps is unusual sounds. You likely have loose when you hear rattling sounds. When you notice clicking sounds, your starter capacitor is likely faulty. Some noises like squeaky sounds point to deep problems with your unit. That said, only an experienced furnace expert is in a position to troubleshoot your heat pump and address the underlying issues of any strange noises.

Your Heater Doesn't Blow Hot Air

Different reasons may cause your heat pump to run and not blow hot air. For instance, if you don't change your air filter regularly, the compressor will not receive enough air to distribute around your home. You could also have a low refrigerant charge. Remember that when your refrigerant is running low due to leaks, your heat pump will struggle to push the heated air which is to be distributed around your home.

A heat pump plays a pivotal role in ensuring your home remains comfortable during the cold season. So, when you notice any of the problems mentioned above, seek the assistance of a furnace repair professional.