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AC Installation Options To Prepare For Autumn HVAC Upgrade Projects

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Between summer and winter weather, there is work that needs to be done around your home. It is also a time when you will be using your AC less, and it might also be a great time to consider an AC installation and improvements to upgrade your home's HVAC system. Keep reading to find out more about options for your AC installation project.

AC Units and Heat Pumps

Choosing the type of air conditioning you have installed in your home is the first step in planning your AC installation project. If you want to find the most affordable and efficient solution, a conventional condenser unit with a compressor is probably going to be the best option. If you are looking for more efficient alternatives, there are also options like AC heat pumps or geothermal HVAC heat pumps, which can provide more efficient cooling and heating.

Alternatives for Cooling

In addition to conventional air conditioning and AC heat pumps, alternative systems can be used to cool your home efficiently. One of the alternatives to consider is using an evaporative cooler, which will work great in dry climates, but you may need a hybrid system if your area also gets a lot of humid weather during the summer months. There are also options like ductless AC systems that can provide your home with cooling without ductwork.

Improvements for Ducts

The ductwork can also be improved when you are installing new air conditioning in your home. The improvements to the ducts can vary depending on the type of system you plan on using and several other factors. Standard-sized ducts can be rigid and have better installation, while compact ducts might be the ideal solution if you want to reduce the size of your system or if you are installing a central AC system in your home for the first time.

Efficient Zoned HVAC Controls

The most efficient option to add to your AC installation is a zoned HVAC design. These modern systems use automated dampers, and separate thermostat controls to control the climate in different areas of your home separately. This is great for homes on basements or with multiple floors where the HVAC needs may differ from floor to floor. You can also ask about smart control panels for your zoned AC, which will give you more options for controlling your system.

With the right options when planning your autumn AC installation, your home will be more efficient and comfortable. Contact an air conditioning installation service to discuss these options when updating your HVAC system this fall.