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Air Conditioner Repairs Your System Needs After The Threat Of Winter Weather Passes

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There are a lot of things that need to be done around your home after the last frost. One of them is getting your AC ready for spring and warmer summer weather. The problem is that you often have to deal with damage before you can turn your air conditioner on. The following air conditioner repairs are often needed after the threat of winter weather passes.

Critter Damage to Your HVAC System

The cold weather causes pests to look for places to hide and take cover. This is why they often find their way into HVAC systems and cause damage. Things that often need to be repaired are: 

  • Damage to ductwork and air handlers
  • Damage from pests eating wiring insulation
  • Damage to other HVAC parts due to pests

This pest damage can cause severe problems with your AC and will need to be repaired before turning the unit back on. You should occasionally check for pests in areas where they damage HVAC equipment.

Problems with Compressors and Leaks

The compressors of air conditioners may also need repairs before the weather gets warmer. This is often due to issues with leaks and problems from last summer season that were never fixed. Issues with compressors and refrigerant leaks that may need repairs include:

  • Failure due to overheating issues
  • Worn compressor parts that should be replaced
  • Leaking refrigerant at the compressor or AC coils

These issues with compressors and leaks need to be repaired before turning the air conditioner on. You can also talk to the HVAC contractor about updating your system with environmentally friendly gas.

Issues with Storm Damage Due to Winter Weather

Fall maintenance often includes winterizing air conditioners for the colder months, but most homeowners don't do this. Therefore, you are going to have to inspect the unit for damage caused by winter storms. Some of the storm damage that may need to be repaired includes:

  • Electrical damage due to lightning
  • Debris damage to the AC unit outside
  • Problems with mold and fungus due to moisture

This is the AC storm damage that will need to be repaired before turning the AC on in late spring.

Updating the HVAC Controls Before Turning the AC On

Lastly, spring repairs can also be a great time to update the controls and thermostats. Talk to your HVAC contractor about modern thermostat options to upgrade your system. There are options for modern controls, such as programmable and smart thermostats. The system can also be updated for a zoned HVAC design.

These air conditioner repairs are often needed after the last frost. Call an air conditioner repair service for help with these repairs to get your system ready for spring and summer weather.