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The Summer HVAC Service Guide To Stay Cool Without Problems During Heatwaves

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During summer heatwaves, you want to do what you need to do to stay cool. This can be difficult when the AC stops working as it should. Therefore, it is important to have the air conditioning serviced, especially during extreme temperatures. The following AC service guide will help you keep your AC going when heatwaves have you sweating:

Changing the Filters and Checking Air Flow

The first thing that needs to be done is to check to make sure your system has good airflow. First, make sure that the air filter has been changed. Check vents to make sure they are clean and inspect the ducts for problems that need repairs. Make sure that there are not any air leaks in ductwork and that all the vents are open and do not have anything blocking air circulation.

Make Sure the Compressor and Blower Work

The compressor is what provides the cooling by compressing a refrigeration gas. If there are any leaks or the compressor is not working properly, it could affect the efficiency of your cooling system. Therefore, you want to check the compressor to make sure it is working. You are also going to need to check the blower to make sure it is working properly to send air to the handler.

Clean the AC Unit to Prevent Common Freezing Problems

One of the biggest problems with air conditioners during the summer heat is freezing. This is a problem that is caused by dirty components. The condensation that forms on dust, dirt, and debris causes the components to ice-over when the unit is working hard to keep your home cool. Therefore, you want to make sure to keep the AC unit clean to avoid these problems during the summer months when you need your cooling the most.

Check the Coolant Gas Levels to Make Sure It Cools

The coolant gas is one of the most important areas of your AC that needs to be checked. Before the hot summer weather, you want to have the refrigerant levels checked to make sure the system has enough gas. You will need to have leaks repaired, and your AC will need to be charged with refrigerant to ensure it provides the cooling to your home when you need it.

With the right AC maintenance, your home will stay cool during even the hottest weather. If you need help with the maintenance of your air conditioner, contact an HVAC service to get the work done before the next heatwave is here.