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When Your AC Breaks Down In A Heatwave: Get The Help You Need Right Away

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When the heat is unbearable, your air conditioner is going to be working hard to keep your home cool. If possible, give your system a break periodically so that it can rest. While you can expect your air conditioning to keep you comfortable, the system can work too hard when the temperatures outside are brutal. If your air conditioning stops working in the middle of a heatwave, call for help immediately. Waiting to see if the system will start working again is only going to prolong your wait for cool, comfortable air.

The System Keeps Turning On and Off

If your air conditioner is short cycling, this can be due to a number of problems. If your air conditioner turns on and doesn't cool down the home, then you have a problem. The air filter could be clogged, so check that first to see if you can fix that problem. If the system continues to short cycle, you could have low refrigerant levels. This can happen because of a leak in your refrigerant line. Both problems can cause the air conditioner to overheat, making it turn off without cooling the home.

The Air Blowing is Warm

Take a quick look at the settings on your air conditioner if you have warm air coming out of the vents. There are times when a person in your home changes the setting to fan or even heat. If this is not the problem, refrigerant levels could below. Another common problem when warm air is coming out is that your compressor needs to be repaired or replaced. Call for help right away when you have warm air coming out and your thermostat is set correctly.

Ice Buildup On Evaporator Coils

Ice can buildup on your evaporator coils, making it hard for your air conditioner to cool off your home without overheating. The ice builds up for a number of reasons, so try shutting off the unit first and allowing the ice to melt. Turn your unit back on and watch for further ice. If ice starts to buildup again, get your system repaired.

If your air conditioning breaks down, contact HVAC services immediately. You will get the help you need to stay comfortable the sooner you call for service. HVAC services are busy during the hot summer months. Calling right away gives you the best chance at a quick repair. Let them provide you with the most comfortable home possible.