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When Spring Is A Little Too Cold: How To Warm Up To The Idea Of Warmer Weather Coming

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We're nearly into April, and most of the country is still a little too cold for most people. It is technically Spring since the equinox is here and gone, but the air is still quite chilly. If you wish things would warm faster, but you find yourself not quite warming to the idea of a chilly spring, here is what you can do about it. 

Slowly Recalibrate Your Internal Thermostat by Slowly Adjusting the Heat in Your Home

Humans quickly adapt to outdoor temperatures, but it still takes a week or two to adjust to shifts in temperature. When the temps outside are yo-yo-ing up and down, your body cannot really adjust, and come warmer weather, you still are not ready for it. To prepare yourself for these shifts in temperatures from daytime to nighttime and back again, slowly adjust your thermostat downward. If you kept your home set at seventy-two degrees all winter, start by setting the daily temp at seventy-one for a week or two. Then shift down another degree, and another, and another, until your body acclimates to cooler nights and warmer days and the weather outside finally starts reaching some equilibrium between day and night temperatures. 

Add Insulation to Your Home

Adding insulation to your walls and attic will help with the swinging temperatures too. Your furnace will not have to work as hard, it will not be as cold or as hot as it is in your home now, and you will be able to adjust better and quicker to what the weather is doing outside. Ask your HVAC contractor about different ways to insulate so that you can keep warm until warmer temperatures outside are the regular, frequent norm. 

Heating Installation and Smart Appliances

Installing a better furnace and a "smart" thermostat also helps. If you have a really old furnace, it is probably time to replace it anyway. Because early spring temperatures are far milder than winter, now is the best time to do this project. You can still test out the heating capabilities of a new furnace and not freeze during the installation and testing periods. Installing a smart thermostat at the same time means you can control the thermostat without having to get out of bed or get out from under your cozy blanket on the couch. An app connects via Wi-Fi to the thermostat, and you can make comfort adjustments as needed when the daytime temps rise a little and/or the nighttime temps drop a little during this time of year. Talk with an HVAC contractor about heating installation and for more tips on how to adjust your home's temperature to the Spring weather.