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3 Common Furnace Problems and Ways to Troubleshoot Them

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During the winter months, you probably rely on your furnace a lot. Unfortunately, it will not always work correctly. Here are three common problems your furnace might experience and solutions for them. 

Dirty Filter 

If you notice that your heating bills are unexpectedly high, the culprit may be a dirty air filter. When this part collects too much dust and debris, your furnace actually has to work harder at bringing in warm air. Instead of letting these energy costs continue to soar, you need to change out your filter. 

For this replacement, make sure you select the right sized filter. You'll need to look on the side of the older filter and see what dimensions it gives. Choose the same dimensions for the replacement filter. You also might consider setting up a reusable filter so you can cut down on replacement costs. 

Frequent Cycling 

One issue that may cause some alarm is when your furnace keeps cycling on and off. If you can't keep your furnace on for an extended period of time, it may be an indication that there is an issue with your thermostat. Either your thermostat was wired incorrectly or it may just be outdated. 

In either case, you need to seek a replacement. The options for thermostats are limitless. There are actually smart thermostats you can control directly from your phone. Some thermostats even have innovative apps that help you cut energy costs. Whatever thermostat you chose, make sure it's set up by a licensed heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor.

Flickering Pilot Light 

The pilot light is responsible for activating the main burner of your furnace, but it can't do its job effectively when it starts flickering. This issue can happen for several reasons. For example, the pilot tube may be dirty. Addressing this problem simply involves unscrewing the tube and giving it a thorough clean.

Airflow issues can also result in a flickering pilot light. Drafts underneath windows or doors may be bringing in too much air around the pilot light. You need to seal up these drafts to ensure your pilot light works at an optimal level. If you're stilling having a hard time identifying the issue, you can always consult with an HVAC repair technician.

Unfortunately, furnaces will not always work perfectly. At some point, you will experience some problems. They don't have to throw a wrench in your day if you know how to address them beforehand and you don't out off any heating repairs.