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How To Replace An Electric Ignition On Your Furnace

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Your furnace is one appliance that you don't want to have break down on you. This is an appliance that requires maintenance and care in order for it to heat your home. Even with care and maintenance though, this appliance (like any other appliance) will still break down over time. If your furnace is not heating your home properly, it could be the electric ignition. See below for instructions on how to repair this part of your furnace.

Tools For The Job:

  • ​Screwdriver
  • New igniter


Before you begin, you should be sure that the igniter is the problem. If your furnace is not heating it could be a few different things, including an issue with your thermostat, or the furnace filter could be clogged. Test the thermostat first and then check your furnace filter before attempting to change any parts on your furnace. Check the thermostat by looking at the wiring at the back of the thermostat, and then adjust the temperature to see if it is sending a signal to your furnace.

Take out your furnace filter to see if it is clogged. A clogged filter can prevent air from getting to your furnace, which could cause it to not run properly (or not at all).

If the problem was not the thermostat or the filter, read the steps below to change the igniter.

  1. Turn off the furnace by the switch, and turn off the gas valve as well.
  2. Next, find the electric ignition. Disconnect the wiring going to the ignition. It may be a few wires in a socket and plug, or it may just be one wire. It depends on the type of ignition your furnace has.
  3. Remove the ignition by disconnecting the mounting screws. Then find a replacement part for your furnace. You can find the part at your local HVAC supply store, or on-line.
  4. Mount the new ignitor inside the furnace using the screws that came with the kit. Then attach the wires to the new ignition.
  5. Turn the gas and power back on to your furnace.
  6. Test that your furnace is running properly by setting the temperature on the thermostat so that the furnace kicks on. If you hear the furnace turn on, let it run and watch to be sure it reaches the proper temperature and then shuts off.

If your furnace is not running as it should, check the thermostat and filter first. Change the ignition on your furnace if these were not the problem. Call a repairman for help with this repair if you aren't sure what to do to ensure the repair is completed properly.

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