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Common Myths Associated With Geothermal Heating And Cooling

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Geothermal heating and cooling consistently delivers, and it is a method that many homeowners have begun to consider for heating and cooling their homes. If you have considered geothermal energy installation in your home, you might have performed some research and heard some misinformation. Unfortunately, there are plenty of myths surrounding geothermal heating. This guide will help to clear up some of the misinformation.

Myth: Geothermal systems use a lot of electricity.

Actually, this is not necessarily the case. Geothermal systems use very little electricity, and these systems create more units of cooling or heating than it takes in.

Myth: In order to install a geothermal system, you will need to rip up most of the yard. 

This one really depends on the landscape of your yard and home. In some cases, much of the work can be complete above ground. In some cases, you may need to tap into an aquifier that is available on the surface. This is dependent upon the nature of your environment.

Myth: The geothermal system heat pump is going to be too noisy.

HVAC systems of the geothermal variety are relatively quiet. You and your neighbors will rest peacefully.

Myth: Geothermal systems wear out quickly.

Geothermal systems do not wear out as easily as you think. In fact, earth loops are able to last for decades, especially thanks to the protection of the indoors. Additionally, the expenses of replacing the system will not be as significant as you might think. The well is the priciest component, and so you will not need to worry about this upon replacement.

Myth: Geothermal systems are only good for heating, not cooling.

The truth is that a geothermal HVAC system cools as well as it heats. Some families do consider installing a different method in order to be more cost-effective, however.

Myth: It's not financially smart to install a geothermal system right now.

You might be afraid to install a geothermal system because you are concerned about the lack of incentive in your taxes. Geothermal systems actually do often come with incentives on a federal and local level. This makes the cost of a geothermal system more competitive than you might think.

Installing a new HVAC system can be stressful, but you need not worry about many of these common myths. The truth is that there are plenty of reasons to consider geothermal heating and cooling that you might not have though about yet.