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Five Things You Need To Do Now To Get Your Furnace Ready For The Cold

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The temperature has already started dropping for the season across the United States, and the coldest part of the year will soon be here. If you want to stay comfortable when the winter weather arrives, you have to make sure that your HVAC system is up to the challenge of subzero temperatures. 

Get your furnace in great shape for the coming cold by taking care of the following:

Clear any obstacles away from the area around your furnace

The first and simplest thing you can do to prepare your furnace for winter is clear away any obstacles or debris from your furnace. Your furnace will heat up when it begins to work and any paper or highly flammable items nearby could pose a safety risk. 

Obstacles around your furnace can also restrict airflow, and this will detract from your unit's efficiency. Clear some space around your furnace before you start it up for the season. 

Change the filter and stock up on new filters for later in the season

An old, dirty filter will restrict airflow and hamper efficiency. It could also detract from the quality of the interior air in your home. Air that is brought in to your heating system will be channeled throughout your home to your interiors through your ducts. If it becomes contaminated by dust in a dirty filter, it will detract from the health and comfort of people in your home. 

Stock up on filters as soon as possible because furnace replacement parts like filters are typically more expensive at the height of the winter when everyone is looking for them. 

Fill up on fuel

Homeowners with gas furnaces could save money if they stock up on fuel now rather than in the middle of the winter. Demand for gas will go up at times when everyone is looking to fuel their furnace and gas heating appliances, and this could cause increases in the price. Stock up on fuel now to save.

Inspect the burners and clear away debris

One good maintenance task to take care of before you start using your furnace is to inspect your burners or have your burners inspected by a professional technician. If your burners are coated by dust or any other type of debris, they will function less efficiently and could potentially even create a fire hazard. 

Clear away any debris from vents

As previously mentioned, air flow is very important. Air needs to be able to go out through your vents so that airflow restrictions don't detract from your unit's efficiency. Inspect your vents and make sure there isn't any debris like leaves or dirt creating a blockage. 

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