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About The Possible Reasons For A Central Air Conditioner Not To Work

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Has your air conditioning system become useless and are you considering getting a new one? An air conditioner that doesn't work may be the result of a problem that doesn't require spending money on a new system. In this article, discover a few of the things that can make a central air conditioning system stop working and what a replacement might cost.

What are Reasons for an Air Conditioner Going Out?

An air conditioner can stop working if it is unable to get the electricity that it needs to function. The root of the problem may stem from the electrical panel, as the circuit breaker powering up the air conditioner may have tripped. If the circuit breaker has tripped, it can be a sign that there is an electrical wiring problem in your house. You must get the problem inspected by an electrician rather than simply turning the circuit breaker back on because it may be a fire hazard. However, if the air conditioner works when you turn the circuit breaker back on, it means that you may not need a new one.

A bad thermostat can also lead to a central air conditioning system not working. It may be necessary for the thermostat needle to be replaced if it is broken. It is also possible that the thermostat is not working from normal wear and tear because it is old. Your air conditioner can't do anything without the thermostat being able to signal the blower to send air through the duct system.

If you experienced having to pay for repairs on a regular basis before the air conditioner stopped working, you likely need to buy another one. Frequent repairs are a sign that your system is old and repairs may be more costly than simply spending money on a new system.

How Much will Replacing an Air Conditioning System Cost?

You should prepare between $3,500 to over $10,000 for a contractor to install a new central air conditioning in your house. The overall price will depend on how big your home is and if the duct system is still in a good condition. The efficiency that the new system can provide will also be factored into the price.

It is not wise to assume that you need a new air conditioner just because it doesn't come on. Speak to an air conditioning repair contractor about the problem to find out if repairs can be made or if you need a new system installed!