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Why Do Your Ducts Need To Be Cleaned?

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Since air blows through your ducts forcefully, you may believe that the ducts are clean inside. However, it is because air flows from the ducts into your home that there is danger from allergens and other health hazards. Examples of possible contaminants include the following:


Since much of the dust in your home is made from human and pet dander, there is a constant supply of dust that settles on everything. This includes floor vents.Because your heat and air conditioning is not running at all times, dust gets a chance to accumulate.

When the air does begin to flow, it blows the dust throughout the room, which could cause issues for those with breathing problems.


Both human and pet hair can accumulate on the air vents in your home. Regular vacuuming may not be able to pick up all the hair that is trapped in the blades of the vents. Family members with pet allergies may find them inflamed when fine pet hairs are dispersed throughout the home by air flowing through the hair covered vents.


Mold can grow on the inside surfaces of ducts when they are not properly sealed. Mold depends on moisture to grow, and the inner walls of poorly sealed ducts are the perfect place for mold to thrive.

Mold can cause problems for those with allergies or compromised immune systems. Babies and the elderly may be particularly vulnerable to mold spore exposure, as the spores are blown throughout the home.

Animal and insect infestation

Secluded and climate-controlled areas such as the inside of ducts can provide a hospitable nesting spot for mice, rats and insects such as ants, roaches, and spiders. These creatures can block the flow of air with nests, and contaminate the air you breathe from accumulations of dried fecal matter, hair, and other contaminants.

How can a duct cleaning service solve these problems?

Hair and dust can be removed by powerful vacuums that can reach deeply into the ducts. They can also be cleaned from vents with special vacuum attachments that get inside the crevices of the vents where hair and dust may accumulate.

Some duct cleaning companies, such as Jones Air Conditioning & Electric, offer mold remediation services, while others can refer you to a qualified contractor. Portions of ducts may need to be removed if the mold is too extensive. You must have the ducts sealed against moisture entry after the mold is removed, or it will return. Sealing the ducts will also save money on heat and air conditioning by keeping warm or cooled air inside the ducts.

An exterminator will be needed if a pest infestation is found. You must be certain to hire a contractor that has previously worked with duct systems. Ask your duct cleaning provider for a referral.