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4 Ways To Keep Your Outside Dog Cool This Summer

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When the temperature starts rising and you have a dog outside, they can become sick and even die due to overheating. Below are four ways you can keep your best friend cool this summer.

Install Air Conditioning

Call a professional HVAC company, like Enright and Sons, and ask them to install an air conditioning unit on your pet's doghouse. The air conditioning unit will likely run on regular 110v electric, and sit outside your pet's doghouse. Two holes are placed on the side of the doghouse where two hose ducts are placed to push the air inside the house.

If you have a garage, considering installing a doggy door in it, and have the HVAC technician to install a heating and air unit for the garage. This not only keeps your dog cool, but also keeps you cool while working in the garage.

Frozen Treats

Make your dog some frozen treats to help their body cool from the inside. You can make peanut butter popsicles for them. Or cut bananas up in bite sized pieces, place them in a cupcake pan, and place the pan in your freezer. Bananas are safe for your dog and are a good source of potassium.

You can also make some frozen hamburger treats for your dog. If you are having any kind of meal using hamburger, set some of the cooked hamburger aside. Place the hamburger meat into ice cube trays, add some water to each compartment to almost fill them up, and place the tray in your freezer. Your dog will love this meaty frozen treat.

Cooling Vest, Wrap, and Mat

Visit a pet store and purchase a cooling mat, vest, and wrap. Soak each one in cold water, and place the vest or wrap on your dog. Lay the mat down on the ground for your dog to lay on. In most cases, these products stay cool for a few days, and your pet will not get wet.

Kiddie Pool

Purchase a kiddie pool and fill it up with cool water for your dog to splash in. You can also purchase pools that are made especially for dogs. One type of dog pool you can purchase is foldable. When you are ready to use it, unfold it, and fill it up with water. It is easy to store so it does not take up room in your yard when your dog is not using it. Pools made with PVC materials are best, as your dog will not be able to scratch through it.

You should also make sure your dog has enough shade in the yard, and keep their dog bowl full of cool water. If it is very hot outside, it will not take much time for the water to warm up.