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Saving Money On Air Conditioning This Summer

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In the summertime, having air conditioning can make a big difference in the comfort you will feel while inside your home. While using air conditioning can cool you down, it can also causes your electricity bill to go up. Here are a few ways you can conserve your air conditioning so you will enjoy the cool temperatures without spending more than you have to for your electricity.

Check All Entryways

If your doors and windows do not have a good seal, air can escape from gaps around them. Check all doors and windows for drafts that are causing you to waste valuable cool air. Light an incense stick and place it up against the perimeter of each of your closed doors and windows. If you see any flickering of the smoke the incense stick emits, this area needs special attention. Use caulking or weather-stripping to fill in the gap that is causing the draft.

Use Curtains To Help

Your curtains can help retain cooler air by keeping them closed during very hot days when you need to turn on your air conditioning. Purchase thermal-lined curtains to help keep cooler air inside. These can also be used in cooler weather to help you keep in heat. Closing blinds during sunny weather can help keep the area inside shaded and cooler. 

Service Your Air Conditioner

Check your air conditioning unit every year to make sure it is running properly. Changing out the air filter can help it run more efficiently; it will not need to work as hard to get cool air into your home with a cleared filter. Filters filled with dirt will make the air conditioning need to stay on longer as the air cannot get through the filter as easily. Have an air conditioning repair service check out your system for leaks or dirt buildup.

Keep Air Unobstructed

When using your air conditioning, make sure there is nothing blocking the vents that will keep the air from flowing throughout the room. If there are rooms in your home that you are not using, keep the doors shut so the air will redirect to the areas where cooler air is needed.

Limit Appliance Usage

Anything that needs electricity to run will emit heat. Limit the usage of appliances and lighting within your home to keep these heat levels low. Opt to do your laundry at night when the sun has gone down and temperatures are cooler. Skip using the dryer and hang your clothes to dry. Hand wash dishes instead of using a dishwasher. Cook food on a grill or have a night of sandwiches and salads instead of turning on your stove in hot weather. Doing these steps will keep your air conditioning from running as much, and you will save on electricity.