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5 Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Repair Service

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Every homeowner will need air conditioning repair eventually, either due to loss of cooling power or a total system breakdown.  As a layman, you might not know what kind of service you require, necessitating an evaluation by a qualified and experienced AC repair technician. Here are a few issues you may experience that indicate that it's time to call in an AC repair technician:

Failure to Turn On

If your air conditioner can't turn on, the problem is most likely due to a broken circuit, a turned-off switch, or an improperly set thermostat. To fix these issues, an AC repair technician will perform a system tune-up by setting the thermostat right, replacing a fuse, or resetting the circuit breaker. If that doesn't work, then the problem could be more serious.

Poor Airflow from the Cooling Vents

Clogged air filters or ductwork often causes poor airflow from the cooling vents. During air conditioning repair, the technician will replace the dirty filters or unblock, straighten, or reconnect the ductwork. These are things most people cannot fix on their own, and if you insist on trying to do so, you may cause more severe issues which will need to be fixed in addition to the original problem.

Too Much Humidity Inside Your Home

An air conditioning unit might increase the humidity in your home if the unit is too large for the space being cooled. Signs to watch out for include air that feels too humid and short on-and-off cycles. Ask a qualified AC repair technician to help fix the problem for you. If the AC system is the right size for your home, then improper condensate drainage could be the problem.

Inadequate Cooling

Sometimes, the air conditioning unit might fail to cool your home adequately. In most cases like this, the compressor is worn out and malfunctioning, or the refrigerant levels are too low. You can have a technician check the compressor. If it's running well but not delivering adequate cooling, you can have it replaced. If there isn't enough refrigerant, it means there is a leak. A technician can fix it and refill the refrigerant, allowing your home to regain its cooler temperatures.

Too Short On-Off Compressor Cycles

When your compressor starts to go on and off frequently, chances are it has iced coils, leaking refrigerant, or an obstructed thermostat. Call in an AC repair technician to diagnose and fix the exact problem quickly.


So, if your AC unit fails to turn on, has poor airflow, doesn't dehumidify your home, delivers inadequate cooling, or has short compressor cycles, ask an air conditioning repair technician to fix it for you today!