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Central AC Problems and Repairs

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Depending on the specific problems that a central air conditioning system has, various problems can occur that are hard for a homeowner to pinpoint the cause. For example, if the system begins working in a sporadic manner by randomly not releasing cold air for a period of time before it begins to function properly again, it can be hard to pinpoint the problem. The reason is that there are several aspects of an AC system that can cause such sporadic behavior to develop. Fortunately, it is possible to contact a professional who can likely pinpoint the cause of the problem after a brief inspection or based on your explanation of what has been going on. As you will learn below, several things might need to be done when an AC system begins to cool in an abnormal manner.

Something Is Causing a Coil to Freeze Up

When it comes to cold air production, the evaporator coil is the most important of the two. The reason is that it is where heat is removed from the air so the system can get as cool as possible. If the evaporator coil is too dirty, it can freeze up and stop cooling the air down as it should, but getting it cleaned can resolve the problem. Keep in mind that the condenser coil is important as well because it sends warm air out of your home, so make sure it is cleaned along with the evaporator coil. It is also possible for the evaporator coil to freeze up due to the system having to work hard to keep a house cool, which can be the result of several problems.

The Air Ducts Are Not Clean Enough

Another thing that can lead to an AC system working in a sporadic manner is a large amount of debris building up in the air ducts. Dirty air ducts is a good example of a problem that can lead to an AC system having to work harder than it should. For example, rather than the system being able to quickly the cool the house down, it must stay on longer due to air being stalled by the debris in the ducts. Getting the air ducts cleaned on an occasional basis is the solution to the problem.

A Dirty Air Filter Is Creating a Blockage

An air filter is an important yet simple part of an AC system, such as being a part that homeowners can easily access. What makes a filter important is that it removes dirt, hair and other things out of the air before it circulates in your home. If the filter isn't cleaned every now and then, it can lead to less air flowing through due to a blockage, which can interfere with the level of cooling that is obtained. A technician can change or clean your air filter if you are not able to do so on your own.

Contact an air conditioning repair contractor if you have any problems with your AC.