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3 Top Considerations For Choosing A Residential Heating System

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If you are planning to install a heating system for your house, don't just choose a heating system because your friend has a similar one or you saw it in a glossy brochure. Instead, you need to consider the important features and operations of the available systems to make an informed decision. On that note, here are the top three things to consider when choosing a heating system.

Your Source of Energy

All heating systems need some form of energy to operate, so the choice of energy is one of the first things you need to consider. The main sources of energy are electricity and fuel, but you should go further and determine the type of fuel you want (assuming you have opted for fuel).

Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing the type of energy source:

  • The cost of the energy source
  • The reliability of supply
  • The effect of the energy source on the environment

For example, propane gas is a popular source of energy, but it isn't available in all locations, so it might not be suitable for you if its delivery will cost you more than it's worth.

The Desired Efficiency

Another thing you should consider is how efficient the energy source is. The efficiency will determine how much of the money you are spending on the energy is actually heating your house and how much of it is being wasted. Don't forget to bring in the issue of cost when making this comparison. For example, an efficient energy source can be very expensive, making it less desirable than a cheaper energy source with lower efficiency.

The Distribution System

Lastly, you also need to consider how the heat will be distributed to the desired locations. Here are the two common distribution systems:

Forced Air Distribution

This is where the heating system is used to heat up indoor air, which is then forced through openings known as air registers and then circulated to different parts of the house via air ducts. A huge advantage of this type of distribution is that the heat can be used for other different purposes; for example, it can also be used for air conditioning purposes.

Hot Water Distribution

In this case, the heating system is used to heat up water (instead of air), which is then circulated throughout the house via water pipes. Its main advantage is that the same water used for heating the house can be used for other things, such as washing or bathing.

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